Enric Llonch


December 09, 2015 | 1 Minute Read |

So, yeah, today it’s Nicki’s birthday and I know last week there was a campaign all over Twitter with the hashtag #8DaysofOnika, I did the first day and then I forgot (as usual), so I’m going to do it now.

Your Favorite Music Video: I’ll have to go with “Lookin Ass”. The song is bad-ass as fuck, but the video is even better. Seriously, I haven’t seen yet anyone making a video like this.

Your Favorite Quote: “I’m a human beeeeeiiiing!”. The whole video is iconic (THE WHOLE DOCUMENTARY IS ICONIC), but this moment is brilliant. She stops talking, looks at us, and says it, while the camera zooms in. 

Your Favorite Song: “Freedom”. No question. I wrote an entire article on why I would choose it…

Your Favorite Performance: I have a YouTube playlist with my favorite performances, but my #1 is definitely “High School” with Lil Wayne at the Billboard Music Awards back in 2013.

Your Favorite Outfit: I don’t want to repeat any song (I love her outfit on the “High School” performance so much), so I’ll choose her outfit on “Throw Sum Mo” video. Fucking sick.

Your Favorite Album/Mixtape: The Re-Up as an EP is amazing, and it’s overlooked most of the times although it has her best rapping lyrically and technically. On the other hand, The Pinkprint and Pink Friday are far more cohesive, with better production and songwriting. Don’t make me choose, please.

Your Favorite Selfie: This series of selfies fucked me up.

Your Happy Birthday Message: Don’t ever change, keep doing QUALITY music and being the boss ass bitch you are. Just… Thanks. THANKS.